Patient Testimonial: Bilateral DIEP Flaps

"Dr. Ahn is not only exceptionally skilled as a surgeon, but she is also very kind and caring and considerate.

I met Dr. Ahn during a very tough time in my life--I needed a double mastectomy and reconstruction because of breast cancer. First, I had to decide which procedure to have. I decided on the DIEP flap. Then I had to decide on the right doctor. I had three referrals to plastic surgeons at the time and had to decide which one would be the best for me. The first one didn't do the DIEP procedure, the second one actually told me that Dr. Ahn had taught him the procedure! When I went to Dr. Ahn, she was so nice, warm and very thorough. Throughout my surgeries, the hospital stays, and after care, she was wonderful. I feel like she really cares about me, and the results are better looking than the originals!"

J. Hansen