Patient Testimonial: Stacked Bilateral DIEP Flaps

I cannot say enough about how wonderful my care was with Dr. Ahn. Two years ago I had a Left Skin Sparing Mastectomy, with a Left Breast Reconstruction with Stacked Bilateral DIEP and six months later, a right breast lift.

I am thrilled about the results, as my new breast looks and feels great. Naturally at such a stressful time, it is difficult to know where to turn, and finding Dr. Ahn was a “life saver”, both literally and figuratively!

Shortly after my surgery, I was at the NYU Cancer Center, trying to find a comfortable bra, post reconstruction. The experienced woman who helped me, saw the reconstruction and said “who did your reconstruction?” I said, “Dr. Christina Ahn,” and she said, “wow, it’s one of the best I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot!” Needless to say I was thrilled, as I had nothing to compare to MY reconstruction.

Even more important is her caring and loving manner, along with her amazing support. I consulted 4 different plastic surgeons before finding her, and am so thankful that I did.

My hospital experience and recovery was also more than I could have hoped for.

Dr. L. V.