Patient Testimonial: Bilateral DIEP Flaps

In 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My first reaction was to aggressively attack this disease.  That is what I did.  The reality was that I would need a mastectomy and chemotherapy.  I focused on finding the best treatment and fortunately I am cancer free now.  The second part of this reality left me with one breast.  It was a lot to think about.  I tried to make all the plans and still feel in control of my life.  The third reality, I am a single parent with three children and a full time job as a high school teacher.

I proceeded with surgery and treatment which included a breast implant.  My feeling was I needed the quickest solution in order to manage my life.  All went well except for the implant.  I was miserably uncomfortable.

With some research, I realized I needed to revisit my plastic surgery plans.  My life changed when I met Dr. Christina Ahn.  After consulting, Dr. Ahn set up a plan to have my other breast removed and reconstruct with a free flap procedure.  This procedure is very involved but with Dr. Ahn. I always felt confident I was doing the right thing.  Somehow, I was not afraid anymore.

Dr. Ahn treated me as a person, understands who I am and what was best for me.  Up to now, I was a cancer patient.  Every visit she would ask about my children, my significant other, work and life in general.  Dr. Ahn is an artist.  She is a detail person.  She designs, studies and creates.  Dr. Ahn and her staff handled everything—insurance and recuperation needs.  This procedure gave me my life back. The process seemed to flow.  I felt whole again.

Now at 55, I can look in the mirror and feel like a women.  ALL doctors that I have seen since my reconstruction including my oncologist comment on my reconstruction and want to know who the surgeon was.  Once you meet Dr. Ahn you will understand what I am saying.  She is talented and personable.   I have recommended her to numerous other women who have had the same results.